Saturday, December 20, 2008

Smell "You're Way" for only 3.99

So the lovely folks at Burger King decided that smelling like passion fruit, mango or cocoa butter wasn't helping men pull enough cavewomen, so they decided to help. Their new body spray that "...mixes seduction and flame-broiled meat." Yes America, you heard that right...Flame-Broiled Meat.
For the price of 3.99 you can get your own can of this miracle spray at their new website ...seriously i can't make this stuff up.
Personally, I think this should be more marketed towards women, especially the unattractive ones. I mean, we all saw what happened when that gitl rubbed planters peanuts all over herself in that commercial, I feel the "whooper spray" would have the same effect if not greater. What makes a man happier than a flame-broiled piece of meat? Give up? When the piece of meat it's attached to has a vagina! lol.
So if you need another stocking stuffer, look now further, BK's got you covered.