Thursday, October 30, 2008

Foreign Exchange Remix EP coming soon!

So Elijah has re-opened his solo album for further work, but he felt bad about not puttin out somthing when he said that he would release his album. But good news he is releasing an EP titled "Leaving Some Behind". The inspiration to this album is Foreign Exchange's New album titled "Leave it All behind" and if you haven't heard that album...OMG!!!! you really need to step your game up! It's a very soulful, R&B record so please check that out.

But Elijah is doing a 5 song EP, where he is remixing the songs and adding his own verses and little things here and there. It's a very smooth EP

Thats coming very soon, so keep watching out!

Monday, October 27, 2008

VA - EENJ and Score One for the Little Guy

This isn't finished but honestly it will never get done. it was fun to make and 3 of us killed it! we'll let you decide who didn't

Monday, October 20, 2008

*Video* Kick it With us

I know that we aren't celebrities or anything like that, but i do tend to think that we throw down/ go-hard with the best of them. Whether it be just hangin around the house, going to the strip club, a sporting event or a house party...nobody does it like EENJ. and to prove my point we made a video compliation of one night where nothing special was going on. I makes me should enjoy it
Shout-outs to the Roots for making sucha dope song and also to my man Brad Oblivion whose beats were being played on the back porch. One things for sure though....we have a fun ass time being us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Elijah's Album Talk

On this video Elijah explains what will be on his first solo album...and you'll get a first lesten as to whats on it....enjoy


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EENJ @ VCU's open mic

Hey hey hey!
Well hopefully at this point you have already watched the "EENJ for President" video...if not, you need to jump on that. But as the title of this post would make you assume, EENJ will be doing a short set at the VCU Open Mic this Thursday at 7pm. So, if you got the time, you should definatly stop through.
Precise and I haven't completly decided what we are performing yet, but we will soon...i
--Sidenote: This morning before I went to school, I was highly disapointed in our society as a whole and the youth especially...but sadly i wasn't suprised. I mean this did come from the man who "...single-handedly killed hip-hop."-Ice-T. That's right soulja boy....just watch.
I promise that EENJ will never take hip-hop and rape it the way that this man does the second that he awakes.

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Presidential Nominees

So with all the disscussion about who we want our next President to be, I couldn't help but think it was time for a new approach to politics..."A New Day", if you will (Download the Album "A New Day" it's free!) So, we decided that EENJ could run this country without the special interest groups by bringing the common man to lookout for everyone that is struggling. So, we created a PSA, just letting the American people know whats poppin in the skreets!
We are currently getting our group of advisors together and will be releasing videos that outline our policies. Email any questions that you would like to be answered dealing with policies, or other concerns that you would like to see EENJ address to EENJ@LIVE.COM
Donations are

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bonus Life 9606. Almost DONE!

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let you know that Elijah's solo Album "Bonus Life 9606" is very near completion and he is icthing to give it to you. We gotta tie up a few loose ends and then it wil be available to download for FREE right from here.

Just to Give you a little som-somthin, heres the Track List:

1.Bonus Life

2.Let's Go

3.Common Denominator

4.I Don't Know

5.I Need You

6.When We Fall


8.Will You?

9.I'll Be Home

10.My Mulato Baby

11.Podium Talk ft. Precise

12. Can't Say Goodbye

13. ***This is a secret track by an artist that hasn't done anything new in a'll enjoy this!