Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Album that Changed my Life

So, i know the exact moment when I went from listening to the Radio and tuned into the sounds on the underground hip-hop circuit. I went from being fed what someone else wanted me to hear, to searching internet for new songs from unheard artists and crate-digging. May I present the album that I listened to December 2005...Little Brother's "The Minstrel Show".
Hear are some of my favorite cuts from that album.

This song's 3rd verse by Phonte absolutley embodied what I felt as a man up until last year.

The word play on "hiding place" makes me want to shard myself...listen to Elzhi's verse:

This song just makes me feel "sway"

This Album changed my life, check it out it may change yours.

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Rian "Holy" Moses said...

yeah i remember when you recited the first song to me, and thats when i said, well i guess im going to talk to other guys now. haha all this a year ago