Monday, September 29, 2008

EENJ in Advertising!

So some of you may know that Crest Toothpaste is holding a contest to come up with the next big catch phrase for their product and are taking video submissions for a contest that will get your ad played on the EENJ came running!

Hope you guys enjoyed that...I know we did. Email Crest and Emril about us and tell them to put EENJ on TV!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ketchup Packets! -Free Beats

This is from our homeboy Sleaze, it's called ketchup packets. and it is a free beat cd to use for whatever you want. So enjoy that! Also you can check out his blogspot.

And tell him EENJ sent you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EENJ Solo Update- Elijah Version

Hey, we just want to let everyone that we are working very hard to get these solo projects out to you and have them be something that you'll love, but at the same time, somthing a little different from the normal EENJ sound. Precise is workin on his LP titled "Why Try?" and it's coming along swimmingly, but this update isn't about him...

Elijah is pluging away his first solo album titled "Bonus Life 9606" (Cover Art displayed to the right), it is a Sound that is completly different from EENJ, definatly more on the pop/r&b side of Hip-Hop. As of Right now he has 6 songs written and recorded and another 4-5 written, so hopefully this album will be out right around early december, but dont qoute me on that!

Well, Elijah wanted to release a song from the album so w/o further dilly-dallying here is the song called "Priorities". It's a techno/hip-hop song about maintaining a girl and the life music brings...its up for download so please bump the shit out of it if you like it.....Thanks for listening.

Hit us up anytime @

Saturday, September 6, 2008

VIDEO- EENJ Live @ Alley Katz

Heres's a video from the other night, i thought you guys might enjoy it, so without further BS'n...heeeeeere you go

Props to those who came out, we had a great time performing for ya'll! We'll have some more shows coming soon. stay tuned.

Monday, September 1, 2008

WoW! That was fun!

So, If you read the last post you are aware that we had a pretty big week. First, on thursday we had a show at Alley Katz in Richmond, Va (Pic to the right). We really enjoyed performing for the people that came out. We have a video that we posted on youtube, so if you wanna check that out go right here We also have plently of photos uploaded to our myspace from both events

On saturday, we ventured to Dumfries, Va to perform at the biggest music festival in Virginia, Waterstock. It is a three day event that includes many styles of music and about 20 bands. It is hosted by Tim's Rivershore and boats pulled up around the stage, which by the way was out in the middle of the River 40 feet in the air....ILL!) We had a great time there. We got to perform with Elijah's Dad, Mike Hedrick, so that was somthing cool for everyone involved. We got a video of that too...
We'll catch ya'll later...