Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remembering Sean Taylor

If you have know idea who Sean Taylor is please go here and educate yourself real quick. I remember being at FedEx field when Sean Taylor was drafted, and hearing Joe Gibbs speak about how awesome he was gonna be. I remember before every game I would go on youtube and watch videos of my man Sean Taylor laying out people to get me pumped up (One of those videos is posted below). That would always get my blood going to root on my Redskins. I remember when my dad after Sean Taylor's rookie bought me his jersey and I wore it every gameday.

I also remember the day he was shot Nov.26th 2007, I was at work and saw it scroll across the bottom of the espn ticker. I remember staying up that night, hoping upon hope that he would be ok, even though the diagnosis got worse and worse as the day went on. I remember going to sleep at 3:30AM after hearing he was responding to stimulation and waking up at 5:15Am to a text from my cousin saying he had died. I remember crying. I remember going to that next game againist the bills and going to the memorial. I remember watching the tribute video (me and my dad took this video) and along with 93,000 other fans, crying again.

He was my favorite player...is my favorite player. Nov.27th 2008 will be one year since the passing of one of the most feared tacklers in the NFL. Since, it's thanksgiving I'm thankful that i got to see him play live multiple times, and that he was a redskin. ***Sidenote: Sean Taylor is being inducted in the Redskins Ring of Fame this weekend before the Giants game....wish i coulod be there.
You will always be missed.

Artists you Should Know- Skillz

Skillz is from Richmond, VA (Yes, thats where we live, so what?). Skillz has been on the underground circuit for a while naking his own music, but more noteably ghostwriting for such artists as P.Diddy...I'm willing to bet if Diddy ever said anything on a track more than "Can't Stop Won't Stop" someone else wrote it. But recently Skillz has been popping up on many mixtapes and after hooking up with our boys dad (Carvin Haggins, producer for Musiq Soulchild and many more) he came up with his latest album titled "The Million Dollar Backpack".

I bought this album without hearing a song on it, because I figured that I should supoort Richmond hip-hop and cause Carvin produced it. I must say though, this album is nasty! It's got your hard songs, chill joints and a song so smooth and catchy you can't help but sing it. With features from Black Thought, Freeway and Common it's got enough extra flavor without you forgetting whos CD it really is.

Just go cop "Million Dollar Backpack" you won't be upset.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Art Kids Unite!

So my boy Don Jon is a very talented film maker and he may have outdone himself with this one. This is defiantly VCU's version of Napoleon Dynamite. Although, I like this one better becuase of the great acting of my friends, but also that cute-ass lelani chick...she could get it! lol. Anyway yo, please take the time to peep this video called "Art Kid Tommy" to support one of my boys and leave a comment so he can feel the love.

On the real, the other day I witnessed Don Jon starting to write Art Kid Tommy 2! That shit needs to be out now.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Odd but Awesome- Old Greg

Now, let me for-warn you. This video you may watch the first time with a What-the-hell-did-i-waste-my-time-for look on your face, but i garuntee that if you give it the chance, you'll be quoting it later.
So, without further adue....EENJ gives you Old Greg....

I hope you enjoyed that. Anytime you wanna get the scoop on some good shit, come to the EENJ Blog site (home of the fuzzy little man-peach)

LMAO! Duces

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Roots' Bus crashes in Paris

The Roots survived a double-decker tour bust crash Wednesday (Nov. 19) night while driving though Paris.
Just hours ago, Roots member ?uestlove revealed to Okayplayer.com that the bus, complete with full lounge and bathroom on the first level, was flipped upside-down.
The news came just days after the group announced a temporary retirement from touring.

?uestlove emailed Okayplayer, which he helped co-found, the details of the crash, which he wrote an hour after the crash.
"In reality the crash was all of about 7 seconds," wrote ?uestlove. "...but to do a 360 on the highway and end up ramped up (the van that crashed into ours was UNDER our double decker bus) in the air....is....well...a frigging miracle."
"My first thought was not move a fucking inch," he continued in the e-mail. "I always had fear that we would fall off a cliff while in high mountain traveling like Denver or Switzerland. I couldn't tell where gravity began and ended."
The group was en route to a stop on the Glow in the Dark Tour in Paris, which ?questlove wrote would "be a miracle" if they made.
To conclude the e-mail, The Roots' drummer wrote: "Til then just wanna let everyone know that we are happy to be alive. and not in that tv cliche way

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Underrated but Known. Pt.1

To me Ludacris is mad underrated as an emcee. Yes, He has sold over 15 million records but people never seem to mention him on their lists of "ill" emcees. He always seems to be over shadowed by the new big name (Jeezy, Wayne), but honestly if his next album is tight i'll almost be forced to put him in the running for my top 10-all-time list....(That's coming soon)

Luda always seems to bring out the creativity that hip-hop has lost over the last few years...do you remember "Number One Spot", the Austin powers inspired song? Or any one of his numerous videos that mad you laugh the entire way through, including his new joint with T-Pain (You can watch it below).

Basically, it's time that people start appriciating him while he is still around.

Some rappers are retarded

Georgia rapper Rico Todriquez Wright shot a man twice in September 2006. According to the Associated Press, Wright decided to describe the shooting, and called his victim, Chad Blue, out by name.
This new evidence landed Wright in prison for the next 20 years.
Blue, 28, told police he had known Wright before the shooting, but that they weren't on good terms. He testified that Wright's friends egged him on as he chased and shot Blue in the thigh and groin.
Blue later told police that he recognized Wright's voice on a CD, where the rapper said "Chad Blue knows how I shoot."
In addition to a sentence of 20 years for two counts of aggravated assault, Wright will spend another 20 years on probation.

....Really Fam? C'mon even OJ's people didn't let him release the book "I didn't kill her but if i did this is how i'd do it"....is OJ smarter than you?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Artists You Should Know- Little Brother

Little Brother is a hip-hop group from Durham, Nc. Two emcees Phonte and Big Pooh hold it down on the mic with crazy word play and gives an insights to the "normal" man's life (the one 95% of us live). They have released 3 official albums but around 5 mixtapes, and they are all ill. Phonte is also a founding member of Foreign Exchange which is the group that EENJ's own Elijah Remixed. Big Pooh is in the midst of releasing around 3 albums this year and Phonte can always be found on his podcast Gordon Gartrell radio.
Heres a video so ya'll unaware can become an 'LB' Fan.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe the best video ever!

I've loved this video for a long time and I am still amazed how funny it is to me! If you haven't seen this please enjoy....if you have enjoy it again, its probably been too long since you watched it last.
"I'm da best mayne, I DID it."- Eli Porter

Monday, November 17, 2008

Video EENJ at the FE Show

Again, Damn...What a night!

Concert Review- The I'm-Good-I-Got-Guarana-Edition

Man, So last night EENJ went to go see The Foreign Exchange in our nation's capital and had another eventful night. First, we found a dope record shop underground it was tight. Then it was time to hit the bar and try to watch some football, so we did and watched the Steelers EEK out a win. Then we tried to go to the show, but the doors were not open because the opening act cancalled...so it was off to the nice spanish restaurant for more beers. Once there Elijah took over the TV and changed it from soccer to The Redskins game. We happened to be sitting next to a cowboys fan, who eventually bought us beer...as Elijah yelled "Uno Cervasa!"

Then it was time to get to the show. We got right by the stage and started messin with everyone around us. We made a bunch of new friends and partied with them all night. Foreign Exchange put on a hell of a show, ZO! was there too for an unexpected suprise. We all fell in love with our first bald woman, Yazarah. All I can say is...she's chewin my Winterfresh! lol. But we kicked it after the show and took pics and had them sign cds, they are all very cool people. Then we went down stairs and hung with Muhsinah for about 25 minutes, it was real tight talkin with her about startin in music.

On the way home, the metro closed at 12 and not 2 like we thought. So at 1:20AM we took a 50 dollar Taxi ride back to franconia, all the while playing Taxi Cab Confessional.lol. We made it home at 3:30Am thanks to the Guarana!...and we all made it to work

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Elijah: Leavin' Some Behind EP

Well I finally got around to finishing this project and uploading it yesterday. Again, I took the new Foreign Exchange album and added some verses and things to it, to give it my own flavor. I did this too keep me occupied while I figure out what I want the rest of my albumto sound like. Hope you guys enjoy.



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Funk and 40's- Precise' B-Day

So we went super hard all day. Follow us on this epic journey

Monday, November 3, 2008

Still Dreamin- Precise and Just Plain Ant

Just Plain Ant is at it again and going for the gold coming off of his first full length album "fly"...now hes trying bang you heads to "Dig Deep", dropping somtime in early 2009. But the first single off of the album is from EENJ's own Precise and it's ill. Take a listen and drop some love for the fellas.

Still Dreamin (feat. Precise) - Just Plain Ant