Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meth and Red = Performance Gods

So Method Man and Redman came to Richmond last night and performed at Toad's Place....EENJ had to go. One of our favorite artists opened up, Big Pooh from the super group Little Brother. Pooh held it down doing a good mix of solo and Classic Little Brother shit, plus its good to see him doing his thing. We met Chaundon another ill rapper from NYC (I'm pumpin his new album 'Carnage' as we speak, NASTY). Also, a cat named Termanology was there and killed it with this one.
Then when it was time for Red and Meth to come out they came out with fire and didn't stop the entire time. They did the original "How High", shit off of Blackout, Shit from the Wu-Tang Clan, Red's Rappers Delight remix, even an ODB tribute (OHH baby i like it raw) the set list was perfect. Now they didnt stay on stage much, they both crowd surfed multipe times (we held em) and Meth even did a verse standing on fans hands...yes like a cheerleader...its was crazy. I didnt take that many pics, cause i didnt wanna tkae my eyes off these dudes. When they come back...count me in!

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LLB said...

I saw all these same people in concert up in D.C. Shit was tyte!!