Thursday, November 20, 2008

Underrated but Known. Pt.1

To me Ludacris is mad underrated as an emcee. Yes, He has sold over 15 million records but people never seem to mention him on their lists of "ill" emcees. He always seems to be over shadowed by the new big name (Jeezy, Wayne), but honestly if his next album is tight i'll almost be forced to put him in the running for my top 10-all-time list....(That's coming soon)

Luda always seems to bring out the creativity that hip-hop has lost over the last few you remember "Number One Spot", the Austin powers inspired song? Or any one of his numerous videos that mad you laugh the entire way through, including his new joint with T-Pain (You can watch it below).

Basically, it's time that people start appriciating him while he is still around.


justplainant said...

new album has some incredible tracks on it

EENJ said... always bootleggin somthing

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Don't hate on the bootleggin'. That's called creative procurement and I am the Queen of that shyt. I got that new Luda too. I've always loved his word play. Every line is more unexpected than the last, and that's a good thing.