Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Remembering Sean Taylor

If you have know idea who Sean Taylor is please go here and educate yourself real quick. I remember being at FedEx field when Sean Taylor was drafted, and hearing Joe Gibbs speak about how awesome he was gonna be. I remember before every game I would go on youtube and watch videos of my man Sean Taylor laying out people to get me pumped up (One of those videos is posted below). That would always get my blood going to root on my Redskins. I remember when my dad after Sean Taylor's rookie bought me his jersey and I wore it every gameday.

I also remember the day he was shot Nov.26th 2007, I was at work and saw it scroll across the bottom of the espn ticker. I remember staying up that night, hoping upon hope that he would be ok, even though the diagnosis got worse and worse as the day went on. I remember going to sleep at 3:30AM after hearing he was responding to stimulation and waking up at 5:15Am to a text from my cousin saying he had died. I remember crying. I remember going to that next game againist the bills and going to the memorial. I remember watching the tribute video (me and my dad took this video) and along with 93,000 other fans, crying again.

He was my favorite player...is my favorite player. Nov.27th 2008 will be one year since the passing of one of the most feared tacklers in the NFL. Since, it's thanksgiving I'm thankful that i got to see him play live multiple times, and that he was a redskin. ***Sidenote: Sean Taylor is being inducted in the Redskins Ring of Fame this weekend before the Giants game....wish i coulod be there.
You will always be missed.


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

As a DC native and a life long Redskins fan, I was devastated when Sean Taylor passed away. I remember the sadness that descended upon the city the day we all realized he was gone. I will continue to pray for his spirit and for his family. I got a great picture of some graffiti someone did in his honor near a metro station near my house. I'll dig it up and send it over to you.

EENJ said...

Oh the graffiti on the red-line of the metro...yeah that is dope

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Yep, that's it! I just posted it on your FB page. Happy Thanksgiving!!