Monday, November 17, 2008

Concert Review- The I'm-Good-I-Got-Guarana-Edition

Man, So last night EENJ went to go see The Foreign Exchange in our nation's capital and had another eventful night. First, we found a dope record shop underground it was tight. Then it was time to hit the bar and try to watch some football, so we did and watched the Steelers EEK out a win. Then we tried to go to the show, but the doors were not open because the opening act it was off to the nice spanish restaurant for more beers. Once there Elijah took over the TV and changed it from soccer to The Redskins game. We happened to be sitting next to a cowboys fan, who eventually bought us Elijah yelled "Uno Cervasa!"

Then it was time to get to the show. We got right by the stage and started messin with everyone around us. We made a bunch of new friends and partied with them all night. Foreign Exchange put on a hell of a show, ZO! was there too for an unexpected suprise. We all fell in love with our first bald woman, Yazarah. All I can say is...she's chewin my Winterfresh! lol. But we kicked it after the show and took pics and had them sign cds, they are all very cool people. Then we went down stairs and hung with Muhsinah for about 25 minutes, it was real tight talkin with her about startin in music.

On the way home, the metro closed at 12 and not 2 like we thought. So at 1:20AM we took a 50 dollar Taxi ride back to franconia, all the while playing Taxi Cab We made it home at 3:30Am thanks to the Guarana!...and we all made it to work

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The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Hey! That's me in your blog!! LOL! Dang, I wish I had know you guys needed a ride back. My dude could've given you a ride back down 95 since he was going to Hoodbridge after he dropped me off! Next time say something! LOL! It was great making friends w/you guys! (((hugs)))