Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Artists you Should Know- Skillz

Skillz is from Richmond, VA (Yes, thats where we live, so what?). Skillz has been on the underground circuit for a while naking his own music, but more noteably ghostwriting for such artists as P.Diddy...I'm willing to bet if Diddy ever said anything on a track more than "Can't Stop Won't Stop" someone else wrote it. But recently Skillz has been popping up on many mixtapes and after hooking up with our boys dad (Carvin Haggins, producer for Musiq Soulchild and many more) he came up with his latest album titled "The Million Dollar Backpack".

I bought this album without hearing a song on it, because I figured that I should supoort Richmond hip-hop and cause Carvin produced it. I must say though, this album is nasty! It's got your hard songs, chill joints and a song so smooth and catchy you can't help but sing it. With features from Black Thought, Freeway and Common it's got enough extra flavor without you forgetting whos CD it really is.

Just go cop "Million Dollar Backpack" you won't be upset.


Teddybear Sr. said...

i have a love/hate relationship with Skillz music. I love that he stays true to what he does. His tour game is amazing. He is old school all day(big +!)

But I hate how he promotes himself. He could easily be in the top tier of touring artists but he isn't because he refuses to PROPERLY acclimate his homebase. Skillz should have Richmond on fire and he doesn't, and that's the main reason he hasn't transcended his current state as Roots/hypeman and RapUp writer.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I've only heard his name before. I'll have to check out his work now that you've recommended it. Thanks!