Monday, October 20, 2008

*Video* Kick it With us

I know that we aren't celebrities or anything like that, but i do tend to think that we throw down/ go-hard with the best of them. Whether it be just hangin around the house, going to the strip club, a sporting event or a house party...nobody does it like EENJ. and to prove my point we made a video compliation of one night where nothing special was going on. I makes me should enjoy it
Shout-outs to the Roots for making sucha dope song and also to my man Brad Oblivion whose beats were being played on the back porch. One things for sure though....we have a fun ass time being us.


brad Oblivion said...
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brad Oblivion said...

i heard about a super explicit version, will it ever see the light of day????