Wednesday, October 8, 2008

EENJ @ VCU's open mic

Hey hey hey!
Well hopefully at this point you have already watched the "EENJ for President" video...if not, you need to jump on that. But as the title of this post would make you assume, EENJ will be doing a short set at the VCU Open Mic this Thursday at 7pm. So, if you got the time, you should definatly stop through.
Precise and I haven't completly decided what we are performing yet, but we will soon...i
--Sidenote: This morning before I went to school, I was highly disapointed in our society as a whole and the youth especially...but sadly i wasn't suprised. I mean this did come from the man who "...single-handedly killed hip-hop."-Ice-T. That's right soulja boy....just watch.
I promise that EENJ will never take hip-hop and rape it the way that this man does the second that he awakes.

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