Monday, October 6, 2008

New Presidential Nominees

So with all the disscussion about who we want our next President to be, I couldn't help but think it was time for a new approach to politics..."A New Day", if you will (Download the Album "A New Day" it's free!) So, we decided that EENJ could run this country without the special interest groups by bringing the common man to lookout for everyone that is struggling. So, we created a PSA, just letting the American people know whats poppin in the skreets!
We are currently getting our group of advisors together and will be releasing videos that outline our policies. Email any questions that you would like to be answered dealing with policies, or other concerns that you would like to see EENJ address to EENJ@LIVE.COM
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Anonymous said...

Lyj I'm glad to see yall are takin a stand... Someone needs to.--nik