Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock the Bells Review

This past sunday Justin and me went to the rock the bells tour up in maryland...ill. We got there like a half an hour into the show (which started at 12pm) so we missed most of Murs' set, whcih sucks cause we were hyped to see him. But shortly after Hometown hero Wale came out and did a few songs only to return later to do a impromptu set.
Supernatural hosted it, and did one of the dopest displays of Freestlyle lyricism over top of a track done by Scratch...and yeah it was all beat-boxed...ugh! Immortal Technique came up next...he's not really my cup of tea, but he was good. Next up...well I only got 3 words "Rakim the God!" He was nasty, spittin songs 20 years old and not having to rap cause the whole crowd knows your lyrics.
Raekwon and Ghostface followed and proceeded to go through all the dope Wu-tang shit, "cash rules everything around me, CREAM...." Method Man and Redman were up next, they blew that bitch up. They also said they are shooting "How High 2" this winter!!!!!!!! Me and J were both blown away by De La Soul, thats it. The Pharcyde reuniting was real cool to see. Mos Def then came out and did a real laid back set that included Ms. Fat Booty and Umi Says...gotta love that.
NaS. This was the highlight of the day for us, he opened with Hip-hop is dead and than went into a 25 minute tour of Illmatic and It was Written....OMG! He did other classics like One Mic and a few tracks from his new album. From a live view, Nas is the GOAT! He got off stage at about 9:45 andat like 10 Q-tip came on to do a short set to promote his new album and then.....
At 10:15 A Tribe Called Quest came out and ripped it. We were geekin. Matter of fact our backs still hurt 2 days later. The drive home was a continuation of the party, put the ipod on shuffle and spit every lyric you know. The day went from 11am when we left woodbridge to 3am when we got back to Richmond...and I'd do it again today.

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