Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Album cover has been shot

What you guys are looking at is the cover for our new album "A New Day." We think it's pretty awesome. You may be wondering whose head is whose. Well the one with the glasses is Precise, cause he likes to get his "Plies" on. ha. Just Plain Ant is the one that's colored in...he's the only black guy in the group and Elijah is the one with only a mouth....since he has the biggest mouth on earth. We had a bunch of ideas before this one, some are uploaded to our Myspace page. But we thought this was real hood...and it just looked cool.

Please get your free copy of A New Day the day it comes out 08/08/08! We'll post the link here for download. Thanks for Reading again.

OH I almost forgot...The EENJ thought of the day is: How bad does it suck to fill out paper work if you're a hermaphidite? Male? "No." Female? "No."

Catch ya'll next time....Seacrest out!

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