Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Courage, Pride, Dope.....Vote EENJ...

Hey ya'll first off welcome to the EENJ blog site! This is where you can come get all the new info as well as new videos, social comments and Random EENJ thoughts (like why do all the words for vagina sound dirty? Twat, Cootchie, Cunt, Pussy...etc. And why do all the words for penis make you laugh? Dong, Wiener, Schlong, Pecker, Boner...etc. Just a thought.)

But back to business! EENJ is in a heavy race to perform at VCU's 40th Anniversary on Oct.25th. How you can help is by going to: http://www.40th.vcu.edu/festival/bands.php and Voting for EENJ. Shit, do it 3 times.

Also, Our producer has a blog site too: http://antdotnet.blogspot.com/ go check that out and download his new album Fly.

I'm out for now, but i'll be back soon.

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Rian "Holy" Moses said...

we talked about this vagina and penis this.