Thursday, April 2, 2009

Will this Douche be a Redskin?

Jay Cutler is a Douche Bag. For the last few weeks he has acted like a pechulent child. The Denver Broncos inquired about getting Matt Cassel from the Patriots and that set off his little temper tantrum. He has not returned Broncos phone calls, put his house on the market and demanded a trade. So, the Broncos are going to trade him....and you could have guessed the Redskins couldn't be happier.
The Redskins quaterback Jason Campbell in the last 2 years has a record of 16-20 (cutler's is only 17-19) and is a guy that everyone likes, he would likely be out. They are the same age and Campbell has a much smaller contract. With this year being the 2nd under Jim Zorn, Campbell is expected to perform at a much higher level.
Every year the Redskins find a new way to piss me off. Last year, it was by starting the season so well and finishing it equally as bad. Although, last year we refrained from throwing millions of dollars around on big names...I thought we grew up. But this year we spend 187 million in 23 hours on three players, with Haynesworth the only one deserving (even though he has legal troubles looming). And now this, and I garuntee if the Redskins aquired Cutler we would have to give up Campbell and our 13th overall pick, that should be used for the Offensive Line or Linebacker. The Second thing that Dan Synder will do is sign Cutler to a new LONGER and much more EXPENSIVE deal before he even shows up to a Redskins Practice.
I hate the Redskins...

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