Sunday, April 12, 2009

Throwback Vol.1 (100th Post)

Sometimes we get so caught up in the now with everything that is happening we forget to celebrate the wonders that have been laid behind us. About 10 years ago Janet Jackson got bit by the Hip-Hop bug and teamed up with Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest) to make this instant classic. I think this song got slept on 10 years ago.

Make sure you guys listen to dope songs until your iPod breaks down...cause the road we are on, there won't be anymore dope songs.
Thanks for allowing me to get to 100 posts, thats pretty cool in itself


Sleaze said...

didn't this song when a Grammy? I didn't sleep. one of the only songs on the Velvet Rope that i liked. This one and the skit where she masturbates.

Dilla was a monster on that beat!!

Sleaze said...

further research shows it won nothing of the sort!

EENJ said...

lol.. I was like DAMN sleaze just killed my point...NM

justplainant said...

lol this joint was dope as shit and cats definitely slept on it. all that got play off velvet rope like talkin bout was that technoish joint.