Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm out. Jam while I'm gone

I've been trying to doa much better job of updating my blog more frequently, and 30-some posts in january means that i've been doin a good job. But I will not post anything for at least a week, because I am going on a cruise. but i'm going to leave you with a few treats that will make you feel like you are there too:

I give you Bob Marley- Jammin'. Maybe the first song i play everytime i get to a beach.

...a lil bit of wayne wonder for that ass...

...and the most imbarrassing try from white people to steal jamacian music.... i present to you Snow-Informer

I'll catch ya'll in a week or so. Make sure to scroll down the site and Download the 2 mixtapes i posted, you won't regret that shit.

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