Thursday, March 26, 2009

iPod on Suffle- Part.3

Musiq Soulchild- Don't Change. I really enjoy the fact that there are still artists that aren't afraid to show the fact that they are in love...I feel the majority of "Love Songs" aren't really about love...this is a good throwback to that era.

Wale- The Kramer. After the notorious "Kramer" rant where the "N" word was thrown around, Wale responded with what I think is more of a reflection of the society that creates these moments where people are able to hurt others with words. I've listened to song a lot and I feel it is one of the more truthful songs released in the last few years. At some points the Wale displays how the word with multiple meanings is becoming more accepted by everyone, even though it still carries many negitive conitations.

Mos Def- Got. To me this is classic Mos. Thats all i really have to say about that.

Thanks for shuffle'n with me, I'll catch ya'll on the next rotation.

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