Tuesday, September 16, 2008

EENJ Solo Update- Elijah Version

Hey, we just want to let everyone that we are working very hard to get these solo projects out to you and have them be something that you'll love, but at the same time, somthing a little different from the normal EENJ sound. Precise is workin on his LP titled "Why Try?" and it's coming along swimmingly, but this update isn't about him...

Elijah is pluging away his first solo album titled "Bonus Life 9606" (Cover Art displayed to the right), it is a Sound that is completly different from EENJ, definatly more on the pop/r&b side of Hip-Hop. As of Right now he has 6 songs written and recorded and another 4-5 written, so hopefully this album will be out right around early december, but dont qoute me on that!

Well, Elijah wanted to release a song from the album so w/o further dilly-dallying here is the song called "Priorities". It's a techno/hip-hop song about maintaining a girl and the life music brings...its up for download so please bump the shit out of it if you like it.....Thanks for listening.

Hit us up anytime @ eenj@live.com

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