Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Week For EENJ

What up everybody!
Yo, on the real-tip We have a busy ass week coming up! First we have a new website that we just bought and we have to finish so that we can post it and get it to all of you, the loyal fans. Secondly, We have a show this Thursday @ Alley Katz (10 Walnut Alley, Richmond, Va). It starts at 7pm and is gonna be a dope show.
Also we'll be giving out copies of "A New Day" as well as some other various merchandise that you won't have to pay for! lol.
Less than 36 hours later We will be in Dumfries, VA performing at Waterstock 2008. This is a 3 day event where bands perform on a bardge in the middle of the river 50ft in the air.....ILL! But last year 10 thousand people showed up so this will be huge for us. (Bet we are gonna have some pics for you guys from that)
Also we are in the midst of our solo projects so if you'd like to work with us now is the time to get at us. ...thats the email.
The EENJ thought of the day goes a lil' something like this: Most people put their pants on one leg at a time, but if your in EENJ no matter which method you use your pants will never stay on!

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